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Smoking areas limited by state officials

By Michele Johnson
Photo Editor

Effective July 1, 2008, UNCP has a new policy on smoking. The decision to make the campus smoke free came about because of House Bill 24 and Senate Bill 143, which prohibits smoking 100 feet from all state- owned buildings. All the UNC schools in North Carolina have gone smoke free.

The new policy states that no one can smoke within 100 feet of the buildings. Smoke stations have been erected to provide students who smoke somewhere to go. There are 27 smoke stations around campus, one near every building on campus. Students who have cars on campus are allowed to smoke in their vehicles.

The ban is a self policing policy. There is no monetary fine but students who get caught smoking away from the stations will receive a reminder about the policy. If the student continues to break the rule, then he or she will have to face judicial action.

“The decision to ban smoking from within 100 feet of campus buildings is welcome for some and frustrating for others, I'm sure,” said Hannah Simpson, SGA president. “I do not believe that students will or have reacted negatively towards the new ban, as I have seen numerous students complying with it and have not heard any complaints thus far,” she continued.

The smoke stations on the building will be left up for visitors on campus but will be taken down by the end of the semester.

The ban is not welcomed by all the students. “If they ban smoking then they need to take the cupcakes out the cafeteria because of the people with diabetes,” said sophomore Mike Miller.

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