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New deans settle in at University

By Allyson Betot; Kelly Mayo
Editor; Managing Editor

September 13, 2012

Photo by Hillary Akers
Current deans of UNCP, from left, Dr. Mark Canada, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences; Dr. William H. Gash, interim dean of the School of Graduate Studies; Susan Whitt, interim dean of Library Services; Dr. Zoe Locklear, interim dean of the School of Education; Dr. Ramin Maysami, dean of the School of Business; Dr. Mark Milewicz, dean of the Esther G. Maynor Honors College

After an exodus of administration last school year caused by retirements, position changes and dean searches, UNCP appointed six new permanent and interim deans for the 2012-13 year.

Dr. Milewicz

Dr. Milewicz was appointed as dean of the Esther G. Maynor Honors College after UNCP held a nationwide search for dean candidates and invited him to visit the campus.

Dr. Milewicz grew up primarily in Alabama, but said that he moved around quite a bit in his life. For the past nine years he was living in Georgia with his wife and 5-year-old daughter, Anna, where he was a political science professor and founding director of the honors program at Gordon College.

"Moving is always 'un-fun'," Dr. Milewicz said. However, he feels his transition to North Carolina has been a pleasant one.

Dr. Milewicz studied political science at Jacksonville State University for his bachelor's degree, and received his master's and doctorate from the University of Alabama in political science.

Dr. Milewicz is a selftaught bass guitar player, and he enjoys loud, good rock'n'roll music.

"I really enjoy music. I really enjoy listening to it, and I really enjoy playing it," he said.

Dr. Milewicz toured as a member of the rock band Pain for most of the 90s as one of the founding members of the band.

Regarding his experiences touring, he said, "I don't have any regrets. How often are you able to do something like that?"

Susan Whitt

Susan Whitt was born in Princeton, W.V., and moved to the Lumberton area in the fifth grade. She worked at UNCP from 1990 to 1993 before spending a year at the Robeson County Public Library.

Whitt then left for the Harris County Library System in Texas, where she worked for six years before returning to UNCP in 1999.

Whitt was appointed interim dean of Library Services over the summer. She said that Provost Ken Kitts made the decision after considering several candidates.

"What happened is Dr. Kitts...asked for recommendations," Whitt said. Whitt said that Dr. Kitts "talked to the library staff and the academic community" to help him make the decision.

As interim dean, Whitt's duties include "moving the team along," and encompass the day-to-day operations of the library.

"I'm responsible for making sure all services are done. I'm here to make sure all decisions are made on policies and practices. I'll supervise assistants and other administration and help them with management of the library," Whitt said. Whitt also maintains the duties of her previous position as Associate Dean for Collection Management. "I'm still responsible for managing…acquisitions and developing cataloguing and serials," she said.

Whitt said that juggling her new and old responsibilities while serving as interim dean will be a challenge.

"There's nothing I don't like doing. The hardest part is just finding a good stopping place between the two positions," Whitt said.

Whitt also said that she is not worried about crises emerging among her co-workers.

"The people here do what they need to do," Whitt said.

She also said that a goal is set in finding a permanent Dean of Library Services.

"Dr. Kitts said that the goal is to have someone within six to eight months," Whitt said.

Dr. Canada

Dr. Mark Canada has been working at UNCP since 1997, when he started as lecturer in the English department.

Through the years he has spent at UNCP, he rose through the ranks to full professor, and in 2009 he became Chair of the Department of English and Theatre.

Dr. Canada accepted the position of Acting Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences in July 2011 and was appointed to Dean in April 2012.

As the dean, Dr. Canada will be overseeing the 18 departments in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Dr. Canada is still making time for teaching. Currently he is teaching American Literature in Transition, an upper level English course.

Dr. Canada lives a very active lifestyle.

"I still do a lot of running and bicycling. I like to stay active," he said.

Dr. Canada also enjoys traveling. Over the summer, Dr. Canada took his two children, Essie and Will, to Washinton D.C.

Dr. Canada also spends a lot of time doing carpentry work and keeping his 200-year-old house in working order.

Dr. Maysami

Dr. Ramin Maysami has worked at UNCP for nine years. He was the Chair of the Economics, Finance and Decision Sciences Department, Director of Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies and Chair of the Faculty Senate.

Dr. Maysami said the University undertook a national search to find a new School of Business Dean.

"Anyone could apply, and I put in my application," he said.

Dr. Maysami said his duties as dean include maintaining Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) accreditation, connecting UNCP with the business community through the business advisory board, staying in contact with the student advisory board and working with Provost Ken Kitts on academic policies.

Dr. Maysami said he will also work with the department chairs on curriculum issues, plan executive and non-degree educational programs, create a financial strategy to achieve the School of Business's goals and conduct external fundraising for the School of Business.

However, Dr. Maysami said he most wanted to accomplish two goals.

"Formulating a strategic plan [for the School of Business] and maintaining AACSB accreditation must be completed by the end of this academic year," he said.

Dr. Locklear

Dr. Zoe Locklear, 55, is a Pembroke native with a long history at UNCP.

She started as a professor in 1988 but left several times to take public school administration jobs elsewhere.

Dr. Locklear most recently returned to UNCP in 2004 after serving as Associate State Superintendent in Raleigh, N.C.

She served as dean of the School of Education from 2005 to 2008, then served as a faculty member from 2008 until spring 2012, when Provost Ken Kitts appointed her as interim dean.

As with the other deans, Dr. Locklear's responsibilities are plentiful.

"I direct all the teacher education programs for the whole campus. That includes undergraduate and graduate programs. I'm also the chair of the Teacher Education Committee, which is responsible for setting all teacher education curriculum and policy changes," Dr. Locklear said.

She is also responsible for keeping UNCP's accreditation with the North Carolina State Board of Education and the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education.

Dr. Locklear has several objectives in mind for the 2012-13 school year.

"My primary goal is to move the School of Education and teacher education program toward increased collaboration with regional school districts, working with faculty and staff to strengthen undergradrate and graduate teacher education programs and work with faculty toward state and national accreditation by fall 2015," Dr. Locklear said.

Dr. Locklear said she was not aware of UNCP's progress on its search for a permanent dean of the School of Education.

"I anticipate more information very soon," she said.

Dr. Gash

Dr. William H. Gash earned his doctorate from the University of South Carolina, and his master's in business administration from Western Carolina University, as well as a master's in music education from Florida State University.

Dr. Gash has worked at UNCP for more than 20 years in the Division of Academic Affairs and has been called on to fill several different interim positions over the years.

He will return to his position in the Office of the Provost and Academic Affairs as the Senior Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs once the dean search is successful.

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