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Crow Feather Falling

By Carol Franch
Photo Editor

An art exhibit of paintings by Christopher Hayes Kennedy titled “Crow Feather Falling” drew a crowd to the museum in Old Main Jan. 12.

The group gathered to watch a short film about some of Kennedy’s art. After the film, Kennedy addressed the friends and family that had gathered to see his work and talked about a few of his favorite pieces, including one of his wife. In closing, he proudly held up a prize-winning bookmark drawn by his son.

Kennedy, 28, was born in Lumberton and raised in Robeson County. He took to art quickly as a child and was first rewarded for his abilities by winning an art competition in Kindergarten.

Kennedy’s talent progressed and by high school, most of his sketches were made up of black and white art, which won him two Gold Keys, from the National Scholastic Art Competition, in the state of North Carolina.

The art collection, “Crow Feather Falling” consists of several pieces that each show some sort of symbolic message that can be open for interpretation.

“Corn Mothers,” for example, a piece that consists of corn with peeled back husks, has a mother and daughter’s faces painted onto the edge. “I really just saw a mother hugging her daughter,” he said.

"Kennedy said of the collection, “I wanted you all to see something beautiful. Some beautiful things are so overlooked.”

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