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Dr. G named chair of Political Science and Public Administration

By Kelly Freeman
Photo Editor

Dr. Nicholas A. Giannatasio, better known as "Dr. G" has been appointed to chair of the Political Science and Public Administration Department.

He continues to be in charge of the Master of Public Administration program.

Dr. Giannatasio.

UNCP Photo
Dr. Giannatasio.

His future plans for the University are to develop a master's degree in political science and a government research center.
Born and raised in Staten Island, N.Y., Giannatasio attended the College of Staten Island and Rutgers University.
Giannatasio now lives in Oak Island, N.C., and has been there for eight years.

Giannatasio plays the trumpet in the community concert band and is the Music Administrator of Sacred Heart Catholic Church.                    

He also loves to watch baseball and softball games. 

Giannatasio played in his community's over 50 softball league.  He considers baseball one of the most relaxing sports and thinks it should be played year round.

Over Christmas break of 2002, Giannatasio took a trip to teach in China to set up a graduate program there for UNCP. 

Dr. Giannatasio was successful and a Masters Program for Public Administration was set up in Xuzhou, China. 

Since then Dr. Giannatasio and other Political Science and Public Administration professors have set up other Masters programs in China: one in Beijing and one in Macku.

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