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‘Isolation is not an option’ in world affairs

By Mark Schulman
Around the Campus Assistant Editor

UNCP's Office of International Programs currently provides students with international opportunities to study abroad, international services and foreign exchange programs.  

It is important for students to experience an international education so they are prepared for a global society. With that understanding, they can serve the community in a multi-ethnic and global society, according to Acting Associate Vice Chancellor for International Programs, Dr. Robert Schneider.

"UNCP, like all leading institutions of higher education, must strive to make global connections a hallmark of the university experience for our students," Schneider said.

Dr. Robert Schneider, center, is the Acting Associate Vice Chancellor for International Programs at UNCP.

Photo by Kelly Freeman
Dr. Robert Schneider, center, is the Acting Associate Vice Chancellor for International Programs at UNCP.

One of Schneider's top priorities is to internationalize UNCP. This would weave worldwide and intercultural ideas together in teaching, research, learning and the service functions of the university.                                    

Internationalization would increase the campus' cross-cultural sensitivity that plays a vital role in the world today.           

Since 9/11, the United States has made it a national priority to increase interests in international issues on campuses where "isolation is not an option," according to Schneider.  

The international program is closer to transforming UNCP into a global institution. 

In 2002, Schneider helped launch a Master of Public Management Program at the Chinese University of Mining and Technology giving UNCP a learning outpost in central China.

UNCP has 50 international students studying on campus this semester.                  

UNCP and 20 other universities around the globe share exchange programs and degree programs giving students a chance to gain a broader sense of the world and its diverse cultures.

"I am thrilled to be able to provide leadership during this critical transition period to promote UNCP's mission of making international understanding and global awareness an integral component of its curricular and campus programming," Schneider said.

Schneider has participated in a foreign exchange program for teachers as well at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in South Africa.  Schneider's career mirrors importance of being internationally knowledgeable and concludes that "globalization is real and is not an option."

Schneider previously served as UNCP's Department Chair and Professor in the Department of Political Science and Public Administration for 16 years.

For more information contact the Office of International Programs:

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