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Vending machines to dispense healthier snack food choices

By Margaret Damghni
Staff Writer

The vending machines around campus will soon offer healthier choices for students.

Robeson guidelines

UNCP will use Robeson County Public School's guidelines for acceptable snacks to help determine what snacks can be considered healthy, according to Denise A. Carroll, director of Business Services.

"Since there are so many frequently conflicting ideas over what constitutes
healthy," Carroll says, "we've opted to try to utilize the same product guide used by the local public schools."

Vending contract

The vending machines are supplied by Naylor Tom's Sales, Inc. 

The items that sell the best are the ones that will continue to be stocked, according to Carroll.

"The current contract doesn't define the types snack to be offered, but Tom's works with us to ensure that we do offer a wide variety of snacks in order to try to offer something for everyone," Carroll says.
The request for healthier snack choices was originally made by Dr. Janita Byars, associate professor and chair of the Music Department.

Healthier choices

The Music Department  has programs for elementary school students and public concerts.

Byars wants healthy choices for students and faculty, and hopes that students realize the cumulative effect of their eating habits.

"If students learn to make good choices now, it is more likely they will make other good choices," Byars says.

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