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iPods en route to UNCP classrooms

By Kelly Freeman
Photo  Editor

The University’s newest innovation, both for faculty and students, is the use of iPods.

Dr. Charles F. Harrington, provost and vice chancellor for Academic Affairs, requested and received a grant from Apple for 30 iPods for library use, as well as faculty use in classrooms to enhance student learning.

Whitney Dudley sits outside listening to her iPod. UNCP faculty are looking forward to using iPods in the classroom, starting fall semester.

Photo By Kelly Freeman
Whitney Dudley sits outside listening to her iPod. UNCP faculty are looking forward to using iPods in the classroom, starting fall semester.

Ideas in the process of being researched are being able to download audio books and e-books on iPods along with digital objects and course reserves.    

Also, the iPod would have a video tour of the library so the person using the iPod will be able to find anything, anywhere in the library.

The iPod would replace the complexities of using bravecat on the web, special collections and other library catalogs according to Dr. Elinor Foster, dean of library services.

Cindy Saylor, assistant dean for Research Services & Systems, calls the use of Apple iPods “portable and flexible.”
Several other schools have already been using the iPods, such as Stanford University and the University of North Carolina at Wilmington.

The library staff hopes to accomplish new technological advances with the iPods to make the library an easier, more accessible facility for students.

Along with the current engineering of iPods with the library, 12 faculty members wrote proposals to Provost Harrington about how they would use the iPods with their students and classes in the fall.

Each of these faculty members received an iPod to use in their classes.


One of the faculty members, Dr. Anthony Curtis, professor in mass communications, says he plans on using the iPod in connection with his course in media and politics.

“Students will be using iPods, incorporating podcasts or radio programs where they will download the program to their iPod or computer,” he says.

Dr. Curtis explains that there are hundreds of blogs on the web of the media–t.v. stations, and newspapers.

“Blogging has become an important way for them to communicate with their audience,” Dr. Curtis says.

Other faculty members will present videos, movies and make up lectures where students can learn outside the classroom.

“The iPods will bring mobility to the faculty and students,” says Dr. Curtis.

Dr. Curtis believes that the iPods will help “find new and different ways to present course information to students that they can use anytime, anywhere. Ipods will supplement UNCP’s Blackboard and other websites.

Dr. Curtis and Provost Harrington both want all students to have an iPod experience of using iPods outside as well as inside the classroom.

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