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New bookstore gets positive reviews

By Michael Graham
Staff Writer

Students arrived this semester to something they have been waiting for, the new UNCP bookstore.  Slated to open sometime last semester, most students got their first glimpse of the new store just weeks ago.            

“I think it is very nice,” said Lauren Stauffer, a senior psychology major. “It is very big and real spacey.  It feels like an actual college bookstore.”

The bookstore has become significantly larger.  Each section of the previous store has been enlarged, including the book sections, both textbooks and other books.  The apparel section also saw an increase in space.            

Computers now are  located in the textbook section for students to use to look up their schedule while finding textbooks.

Another upgrade was the addition of a full convenience store.  Unlike the previous snack section, this store boasts more grocery items for easier convenience.             
Milk, frozen dinners and cereal are some of the more noticeable additions.

The convenience store also has its own register.  Although students cannot use it for book purchases, this register adds to the more efficient flow of business.            

In the main section of the store even more registers line the front of the store. With more of a selection lining the shelves, these registers make it easier for in and out shopping.

“There is just more convenience all around,” said Josh Matthews, a sophomore education major and bookstore employee.            
The bookstore does have a section of empty shelves that were once filled with merchandise. 

According to Matthews, the section was full of book bags that were all bought up during the first week of the new semester.

The bookstore also includes some smaller additions with the student in mind. 

The addition of fireplaces and large armchairs give the students comfort and a place to relax.             

The new lockable lockers also give students a safer place to put their belongings while shopping in the new bookstore.

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