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Epps caps off strong Homecoming

By Lesley Covington
Senior Staff Writer

The headliner Feb. 3 at the Homecoming celebration might have been Mike Epps, but the UNCP fraternities and sororities hyped up the crowd in the Givens Performing Arts Center before the main attraction with a live step show.
“I liked the entertainment aspect of it and the energy they gave off,” freshman and athletic training major James Hammond said.
The step show moved from the Auxiliary Gym to Givens this year.
“It was a great improvement from last year,” said Rakesha Johnson, junior and information technology management major.
The Alpha Phi Alpha men kicked off the step show with a performance set to oldies from Ray Charles.
The Kappa Alpha Psi men based their performance on such 1980s songs as “Thriller” and “Smooth Criminal” by Michael Jackson.
The crowd in Givens cheered and hollered as the men from this fraternity joined from head to foot in a belly-down snake-like formation on stage and rolled in synchronized waves.
The Phi Beta Sigma men brought out African drums in celebration of Black History month and had their brothers dancing in the aisles of the auditorium.
The Delta Sigma Theta women wowed the crowd with their break-dancing style moves, while Zeta Phi Beta’s school-girl uniforms and pigtails belied their mature dancing-style.
The step-show crowd was instructed to vacate the building while UNCP security officers prepared for the next act: Dominique and Mike Epps.
Students and alumni alike waited in the cold while Givens was secured. Once the doors were opened, students rushed the building, only to be held at bay by the next set of doors.

Once the inner doors were opened, the crowd bumped like cattle through shoots toward the inner doors.
The sold-out crowd settled about a half an hour after scheduled show time, but Mike Epps and Dominique proved to be worth the wait.
“The best part was when he came down and started cracking on everybody,” said Travis Sifford, freshman and electrical engineering major.
“I couldn’t believe he went into the crowd and was making fun of people,” said Robert Kelley, sophomore and mass communications major.      
Dominique made her mark early. She may have been the middle woman between the step show and the main attraction, but she proved herself in the warm-up act.
The crowd was in fits as she demonstrated her own step moves: one, two, and three, done.
The step show was attended by about 1,400 people, according to Kay Oxendine, SGA administrative assistant.
The Mike Epps and Dominique comedy performances sold out on Feb. 1.

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