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UNCP professor guest stars on Satellite Radio show

By Jason Bullock
Web Video Editor

It is not often you hear a UNCP professor voicing his opinion on a nationally broadcast political talk show. But on Jan. 26, professor of management Dr. John Parnell did just that on the Andrew Wilkow Show, a conservative political talk show on Sirius Satellite Radio.            

Dr. Parnell became a guest after he emailed Andrew Wilkow about a question that Wilkow posed on his show: “How can very wealthy liberals call for increased taxation?”

“The way I see it is there are really three ways you can tax people; you can either tax whatever they already have, you can tax it when they earn it, or you can tax it when they spend it,” Parnell stated. “And when we talk about taxing the wealthy, we’re not really talking about taxing wealth, we’re talking about taxing earnings and that’s the difference.”            
During the 20 minute discussion, Dr. Parnell and Andrew Wilkow discussed various economic matters from tax reform to the current situation of increased socialism of Venezuela by its President Hugo Chavez.            

“If you want to socialize, you can take everything and redistribute it right away and it looks good in the short run. It is kind of like if you want to create a 100 percent tax rate on the wealthiest 1 percent of the country, you have a great contribution to country next year,” he said,            
“The only problem is you don’t have it anymore. It’s over and you get it one time. That’s what Chavez is trying to do. Over time the plants will become inefficient and produce poor quality products nobody wants and will need a mass influx of capitalism to get his plants where they need to be,” he said.

The next day, Andrew Wilkow replayed the interview in its entirety and stated that because of his rational thoughts on the economy, Dr. Parnell will be tapped as a regular guest on his show.            
Dr. Parnell came to UNCP in 2002.           

In 2003, he published two books, “Strategic Management; Theory and Practice” and “Business English.” He currently serves as the William Henry Belk distinguished Professor in Management at UNCP. Andrew Wilkow can be heard on Sirius Satellite Radio on Sirius Patriot 144.


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