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SGA hears complaints about bookstore access

By Hannah Simpson
Senior Staff Writer

Senators discussed the absence of an automatic door on the new bookstore at the Feb. 7 SGA meeting.            

The new bookstore was not built with an automatic door for students carrying a load of supplies or for disabled students to use.

The new UNCP bookstore, which opened for students at the beginning of the spring semester, was not built equipped with an automatic door for disabled students like the old bookstore.

Photo by Glory Attaochu
The new UNCP bookstore, which opened for students at the beginning of the spring semester, was not built equipped with an automatic door for disabled students like the old bookstore.

Sen. Musheera Ali said that she has had to open the doors for disabled students in the past.            
Bess Tyner, director of facilities planning and construction, said that the building does not require automatic doors because they meet the state code.

Mary H. Walker, Americans with Disabilities Act coordinator and director for disability support services, said that she inspected the building in December for ADA code.            
Walker said that in order for a building to require an automatic door, the pull of an exterior door must be more than 8 pounds.             

The pull of an interior door must be 5 pounds, she said.            
The new bookstore doors meet both of these regulations.            

“The nature of the building is it’s a high use building,” Walker said, noting that almost every building on campus has automatic doors.

Doors meet state code            

However, Walker said, the doors meet the state code.

“(The architects) are not required to do it,” Walker said.            

Walker said that a percentage of state money given to fund construction for a building goes to ADA benefits.

This percentage can be used on anything from ramps and doors to bathroom stalls.            
Tyner said that an automatic door would not be put in the building unless someone was to fund for the project “out of convenience.”

Walker said when she first arrived on campus she was given money to place automatic doors in the old bookstore.            
Walker said had she been consulted on the construction of the building, she would have suggested moving the automatic doors from the old bookstore to the new one.

Cost of $1,700

A new automatic door for the bookstore would cost about $1,700, said Walker.            
Walker said that she has had several disabled students come to her asking if she noticed that the new bookstore was not equipped with an automatic door. Walker also said that these students did not say they had difficulty opening the doors.

If students have an opinion about this issue, they should bring it before the SGA, said Walker.           

Other Issues            
Robert Cooper said that several female students have complained of harassment by Physical Plant employees.

Cooper said that any student that experiences harassment should report the time and location of the harassment.             Senators also addressed these issues:

•students are pouring salt, pepper and soda into the cafeteria ketchup bottles
•using Bert’s money in the convenience section of the bookstore
•placing television sets in the gym
•paving the gravel road that curves into a lot behind Pine and West halls.

Cooper said that the gravel road is a temporary entrance only and does not need to be paved.

New Asst. Vice Chancellor            
The senators welcomed Dr. Tom Corti to his first SGA meeting as the new Asst. Vice Chancellor for Student Development.

Corti introduced himself as a “champion of the students.”

Raised in Kansas            
Corti said he was raised in Kansas, and he received his bachelor’s degree in history and political science at the University of Portland.

He received his Master’s in arts history and doctor of philosophy in diplomatic history at St. Louis University.            

“I think what’s important is that I’m an advocate for the students,” Corti said.

Corti is over the areas of student life, leadership and service, Greek life, intramurals and the multicultural center.


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