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New student TV show reviews movie trailers

By Michael Graham
Staff Writer

Students at UNCP have produced a new TV show to help other students decide what movies to go and see.  “Trailer Trash” reviews movie trailers in a new student produced TV show.
Andra Hale, a sophomore broadcasting major, along with Matt Heckel, a junior broadcasting major, co-anchor and co-produce the new show.
“It’s more about the movie trailer and less about the movie itself,” Hale said, “We like to give our opinion on the previews.”
Movie trailers, commonly known as previews, show before every movie seen in the theater.  Lasting anywhere from 30 seconds to five minutes, they try to attract the viewer to see their movie.
The idea spawned from a trip to the movie theater last semester, according to Hale.
“It is almost like whispering your opinion in the theater,” Hale said, “except we will give our opinion out loud.”
The show, UNCP’s only current student-produced show, has become a learning experience, according to Hale.
“It is a whole lot more work than we anticipated,” he said, “but we love it.  The show is our baby.”
Hale, afraid that students forget they have their own channel due to the lack of student programming, had the idea last spring to make a show.  The first idea was for a sketch comedy show.

“The sketch comedy show would have been a whole lot more work,” he said.
The new show is planning to air its first episode in the upcoming weeks, although the schedule hasn’t been set in stone, yet.  The two hosts have already begun rehearsals.
“We are excited,” Hale said.   “We have such a great crew and a fresh, new idea.”


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