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Greek move to Village slower than expected

By Lauren Allen
Around The Town Editor

Fraternities on campus were offered an opportunity to be housed at Village Apartments for the 2006-2007 school year. 

However, not many Greeks chose that opportunity.

“The larger number hasn’t materialized as quickly as we had thought,” said Dean of Students Preston Swiney.

According to Jimmy Parker, resident manager at Village Apartments, fraternities were planned to be housed there, but lack of participation on behalf of the Greeks is the reason why they’re not over there now. 

“To my knowledge, the Dean of Students tried contacting the presidents of these fraternities to inform them of the plans to move Greeks to Village,” Parker said.

The idea was well received initially, but then the numbers did not materialize as high as we expected, Swiney said.

However, Parker said that when it came time for the room lottery, many Greeks came over and tried to claim rooms, but with no success.

Parker said that originally the Dean of Students wanted to give Greeks access to the apartments to allow them to hold meetings and socials in the apartments instead of occupying space in the U.C.

“Administration will give the students what they want if the students will just follow up with the requests.  We’re here for ya’ll,” Parker said.

According to Camron L. Rawls, a member of Tau Kappa Epsilon, many fraternities ignored the requests to come to Village  because they felt as though the administration wanted to put them over there to police their activities.

Rawls said that now, many fraternities have moved off campus in the surrounding Pembroke area to get away from the watchful eyes of campus police.

“If we had come to Village, everything we do would be under surveillance,” Rawls said.

Currently, Village Apartments houses 350 students.  Only 5 percent of these students are involved in a fraternity, Parker said.
Swiney  estimated five Greek organizations have members there.

“So far I haven’t had any trouble with the fraternity members already living out here,” Parker said.
Swiney said  Director of Greek Life Sara L. Jahansouz will be contacting the Greeks to find out why the response has been so low.


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