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Hagwood shares ‘Memory Power’

By Carol Franch

National memory champion Scott Hagwood spoke to a group of 75 gathered in Sampson Livermore library at 7 p.m. Oct. 3 to promote his book “Memory Power: You Can Develop a Great Memory- America’s Master Shows You How.”            

Hagwood offered helpful tips to assist in remembering names and important information when taking tests and quizzes.

“Memory is so simple! If you want to develop a great memory, you have to stop forgetting,” Hagwood said.            

He emphasized four tips to aid in a more consistent memory.

According to Hagwood, a good step to improving your memory is to avoid multitasking.            

Being sure to get enough sleep each night also keeps your mind sharp.

“You need as much sleep the night before to keep you awake the next day,” Hagwood said with a grin.            

The amount of stress you are under also affects your memory.

Stress alters brain chemistry and blocks memory.             

Another important factor of memory is how much time has passed.

Within 24 hours, 75 to 80 percent of the information is forgotten.            

Hagwood wowed the crowd when he memorized an entire deck of cards in one minute and 17 seconds.

He used a technique called the “Roman Room” in which you visualize information on the different walls and corners of a room to be called upon later in your memory.            

When taking a test, taking yourself to a “happy place” allows for your natural intelligence to take place, Hagwood said.

Also, practicing in stressful situations makes you more comfortable and making remembering something easier since you are already used to the situation.            

Hagwood, who began working with his memory when diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 1999, also said to review information with a friend or spouse, watch tv for names and faces and read a lot.


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