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Crime Report: Police focus on thefts

By Carol Franch

Campus police are concentrating on theft prevention.            

“We want to remind students to secure their property and keep their doors locked to prevent theft,” Detective Ed Locklear of Police and Public Safety said.

Two students were arrested on Oct. 3 and another on Oct. 18 after trying to sneak into the cafeteria without paying.            

One student was arrested on Oct. 15 after stealing from Bert’s.

Beginning last semester, members of campus police sat in the cafeteria during meals to watch for students that entered without paying.   The students are usually caught by the police or reported by workers, he said.


A male student was arrested on Oct. 4 after a domestic dispute in the parking lot near the ATM machine.

One student was charged with assault in Pine Hall on Oct. 10. Two students were arrested for fighting on Oct. 18.

Controlled Substances            

A student was charged for possession of controlled substances in Village Apartments on Oct. 6, and one arrest was made in Pine Hall on Oct. 20.

Two students were charged with underage drinking in West Hall on Oct. 11, and another charged on Oct. 19 in parking lot 14, behind the gym.


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