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Mo Rocca brings unique political humor to UNCP

By Colleen Griffiths
Senior Staff Writer

“One of my strengths is being an expert at sounding like an expert,” television comedian Mo Rocca told UNCP students during his speech as part of GPAC’s Distinguished Speaker Series on Nov. 2.            

On a large projection screen, Rocca showed an image of himself dressed in a white shirt, suspenders and a blue-and-white striped bow tie.

“You don’t actually need to know what you’re talking about. You just need a talking head,” Rocca told students in a segment called “Mo knows: An expert on how to look and sound like an expert.”            

He explained that politicians use this trick and used the 2008 presidential election as one example.      

“You can say what you want and then you can completely deny that what you said in 2006 was wrong.            

“For example,” he said, “the Democrats will nominate Hilary Clinton and she’ll probably win, unless she doesn’t win which case she’ll lose.”

Rocca also spoke about the midterm elections and the possible issues that would “drag people to the polls.”            

Rocca then projected an image of a basketball chart labelled ‘November Madness,’ and showed which issues would win over others as election day drew near.

Gay marriage won over the page scandal, abortion over cloning and border security won over President Bush.            

Five students were chosen from the audience to assist Rocca during his speech.

One student had to choose the right answer in a series of questions on how to sound like an expert about Britney Spears, Kenny Rogers and the cast from “I Love the Boss.”            

The other four students acted as TV show pundits, or “fundits” (a fun kind of pundit), according to Rocca.

The students represented CNN, Fox, VH1 and the Food Network. They answered questions posed by Rocca and responded according to their pundit personality: CNN constantly became “lost in the blue of your (Anderson Cooper’s) eyes”; Fox never spoke a sentence without using the word “bonehead”; VH1 complimented movie stars; and the Food Network emphasized each sentence with “Bam!”            

Rocca also spoke about visiting all of the former presidents’ graves, how you can get vertigo from standing on a flushing toilet and his experience as part of the East Asian production of “Grease.”

“Anyone who has ever known me knows that all I want to do is dance,” Rocca said and then danced across the stage.

Rocca is known for his work on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show.”

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