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Faculty Follies helps Travis Stockley memorial scholarship fundraising

By Kayloni Wyatt
Assistant Around the Campus Editor

Students and faculty participated in a fundraiser event for the Travis Stockley Memorial Scholarship at the GPAC on Sept. 4.The event included UNCP faculty members performing and students having fun with karaoke.
Overall, 300 people attended the fundraiser. Visiting Professor of Musical Theatre Hal Davis hosted the event.
The night started off with Dr. Janita Byars, chair of music, playing “Flight of the bumblebee” on a clarinet. Students assisted by dancing around her in bumblebee costumes.
“I loved the improvisation. I’m a person who loves spontaneous funny. I don’t want to be told a joke, I want the person to be the joke,” Byars said
In between breaks, there was a raffle held for prizes.
The prizes included a Vera Bradley bag, a UNCP coffee mug, GPAC tickets, T-shirts, $5 certificate to Andy’s Restaurant, stationary and an MP3 player.
The $389.26 raised from the raffle went to the Travis Stockley Memorial Scholarship.
Tracy Wiggins, who is in percussion, performed the skit “Attention Span.”
Wiggins came out with drumsticks in hand, ready to play. He beat the drums for two minutes, and then sat down and started to read a book. He continued doing this, switching back and forth.
Wiggins finished his performance by walking off stage with a soda bottle in hand.
During the event, student Cynthia Clemmer called for a few audience members to come up on stage.
Eight people volunteered and were taken backstage. They were caught unawares of what they were going to be part of that night.
After two more performances from other faculty members, each volunteer was brought on stage to sing karaoke to a song chosen for them.
The remaining audience members joined in a performance for “Oops I Did it Again” by Britney Spears.
There was a special event that included improvisation by Davis and Dr. Kevin Freeman. Freeman is a political science assistant professor and undergraduate advisement coordinator.
The UNCP Marching Band also performed as the event’s finale.
The Travis Stockley Memorial Sholarship is now at $4,385.63.

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