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UNCP spirit awakens during the first home game, victory this year

Analysis by
Christian Felkl
News Editor
Robert Deckert
Around the Campus Editor

Even though the heat was atrocious, loyal Braves fans came out to show their energized school spirit.
They were hyped up and ready to go when the game ball was parachuted in.
That was the atmosphere in the stands as the game kicked off at 1 p.m.
This was one of the most thrilling moments in UNCP sports since the last football game 56 years ago.
This was the most activity in a while at Lumbee Guaranty Bank Field. The field was renamed earlier this year. Other sporting events pale in comparison to this game.
The local community was very supportive in participating. They even may have outnumbered the students.
One piece of good news: only three people had to be escorted from the area for disturbing the peace.
The first home game and first victory of the year, after a 56-year hibernation, was just the thing the school needed.
The student tailgate area in front of the University Center was empty except for the water slide and water guns provided by the Office of Student Life and prepositioned on the Black and Gold Plaza for student use.
In the stands, the wave cheer brought everybody to their feet after it was initiated by UNCP fans.
There were at least three consecutive wave cheers.
Over 4,200 excited UNCP fans attended the comeback of this phenomenal team.

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