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Professional hypnotizes volunteers as part of Parent’s Weekend events
By Robert Deckert

Managing Editor

            UNCP gave over 500 parents, students and family members an opportunity to learn more about their children’s school of choice with the annual Parent’s Weekend which was held Sept. 14-15.
            Parent’s Weekend consisted of all sorts of entertainment and informative opportunities for the parents and the families of UNCP students.
             Registered parents were able to enjoy the events, which included an evening session with a professional hypnotist, tours of the campus as well as open house and a Tony Orlando concert.
            After the heavy hors d’oeuvres on Sept. 14, students performed four acts for the opening entertainment of the evening.
            The performances consisted of Miss UNCP Deidra Locklear singing “I’ll Stand by You,” Efrain Colon performing the Eric Clapton song “Lela,” the Phi Beta Sigma fraternity performing a step routine and a poetry recitation by senior Joey Kirk.
            The highlight was the football game, Tony Orlando concert and the parent’s banquet, said Symphony Oxendine, associate director of Student Life.
            “It’s an opportunity for the parents to actually meet the people who are educating their students,” she continued.
            There were also two raffle drawings for registered participants to have free required textbooks and free housing for spring 2008.
            The names that were drawn to receive the prizes were Cassi Vinson and Michael Hall. 
            Dr. Larry Volz, a hypnotist with a Ph.D. in clinical hypnotherapy, followed the student performances.
            Volz began by working the volunteers into a  hypnotic trance by playing white noise for background music and saying suggestions  designed to soothe  the volunteers on stage. His method of putting the volunteers under hypnosis worked on several members of the audience as well.
            Volz accepted all of the 20 volunteers for the stage hypnosis session. About half remained entranced and he asked those who “didn’t take it seriously” to exit the stage in order for him to concentrate on the rest of the group.
            Only a person with a normal brain function can be hypnotized, he said.
            “Nobody can be hypnotized against their will,” he said. “No one can be hypnotized against their morals, values and better judgment.”
            Once the volunteers were under his hypnotic influence, he presented them with scenarios reinforced with appropriate background music.
            Some of these scenarios included going to a rock concert, being Martians trying to convey a message of life and death importance and being Jackie Chan fighting invisible killer ninja midgets to the track, “Kung-fu Fighting.”
            Some of the volunteers removed their shirts when told they were in over 150 degree weather and shivered and huddled together when Volz changed the setting to minus 35 degree climate.
            Volz even made one person

believe that her roommate had stolen her belly button and another forget the number eight, who then was unable to solve the equation four plus four.
            “Anybody can do hypnosis in a therapy session,” he said. “But to do stage hypnosis, they have to have a high esteem about themselves.”
            Parents were able to meet with staff and administrators at the open house sessions hosted by the Office of Residence Life on Sept.15.
            “The purpose is for parents to meet our staff  of   the residence halls,” said Danny Williams, a Resident Advisor of Pine Hall. 
            It’s an opportunity for the parents to see where their child stays, he continued.
            Students and family were able to enjoy the UNCP vs. Wingate University football game and the men’s soccer game of UNCP vs. Catawba College, which was later in the evening.
            A formal banquet for the parents was held on Sept.15 in the UC lounge.
            Musical entertainment was provided by the UNCP music department.
            Some of the foods served were carved roast beef, marinated chicken breast and cheese cake for dessert.        
            The banquet was already filled over capacity the night before, so the parents had to confirm their attendance in order to get a reservation.
            “I thought the event was well planned and executed,” said Hazel Arthurs, mother of freshman Jonathan Arthur. “The jazz band is awesome.”
            We are so impressed and glad that we came here, she continued.




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