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Residence Life offers new program
By Amanda Hickey

            Residence Life will be hosting a new kind of program twice a month, and possibly more often: the ResLife Study Group.
            The program will give students a chance to meet with tutors and get help in the subjects they need, according to Belk Hall advisor Mary Evans who joined with Coordinator for Academic Success Sharon VanWright to create the program.
            The program offers tutors for physical science, chemistry, biology, anatomy and zoology. 
            The tutors are Peer Educators from the peer studies support program, according to Evans.
            “If they [students] need assistance in any other general education courses, they can contact the office at Jacobs Suite F,” Evans said.
            This is the first time a study group program has been implemented by Residence Life.
            While working in the dorms, “I’ve watched people sporadically studying in groups… I’ve had people actually stop me and ask for help and I thought, ‘this is so cool,’” Evans said with a smile on her face and excitement ringing in her voice. 
            Evans has helped students to the best of her ability with papers, finding research, coming up with ideas, but believes that the study groups will help them more than she can.
            “I am so excited about this… I think it’s going to be a really good turn out,” she continued.
            Evans wants the program to benefit students who are at
UNCP to receive an education,
and are willing to work for it, like many of the students she sees around the dorms.
            “I just hope it’ll help students who are really working hard to get their papers in and everything,” Evans said.
            Evans has had students ask her for help finding resources for papers and advice on homework.
            “I’ve been getting more of that this year than any other year, and I’m just like gosh, they really want to succeed,” Evans said.
            At each study group, students will be given a study buck.
            At the end of the semester, the person who has the most study bucks will be invited to a program to celebrate their success, according to Evans.
            Evans hoped to see a minimum turnout of 15 to 25 students at the first study group on Sept. 16, and hoped that students will inform her if they want tutors for different subjects.  Both came true.
            A total of 19 students were at the event, but 15-20 didn’t attend because there weren’t English tutors.
            “I think it’ll be a great program, especially once we get that in place,” Evans said.
            Currently the study groups will be offered at 8 p.m. on Oct. 7 in Oak Hall, Nov. 4 in West Hall, Dec. 2 in Belk Hall, Jan. 20 in North Hall, Feb. 3 in Village Apartments, March 2 in Oak Hall and April 6 in Pine Hall.
            Evans will be meeting with Associate Director of Resident Life Cynthia Redfearn about making the study groups a weekly program.
            “The demand is there,” Evans said.  “I was very, very pleased.”



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