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Retreat prepares SGA and ACE for year ahead

By Susan Wally
Staff writer

            The Student Government Association along with the Association of Campus Entertainment held their annual retreat Sept. 22. 
            The purpose of the retreat was to acquaint the students with each other, as well as the logistics of both their operating procedures and their responsibilities and duties. 
            The Sept. 19 meeting of the SGA saw the association’s numbers increase by one third, according to Dr. Tom Corti, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Development. 
            ACE’s membership has also been on the rise. 
            Membership was in the 20s last semester, and is now approaching 50, according to ACE coordinator Jesse Dobbins. 
            The retreat allowed both new and old members to become more familiar with the organizations they have become a part of. 
            “Now that we have the logistics in place, we’ll be able to move forward with more of the issues brought to SGA,” said Symphony Oxendine, associate director of Student Life. 
            The retreat featured icebreaker activities allowing students to get to know one another, as well as workshops on parliamentary procedures given by Dr. Corti and on the SGA constitution given by Senator Lyndsey Daniels. 
            “Parliamentary procedures will give them some tools to effectively either run meetings or be a part of meetings,” said Dr. Corti.
            Daniels said that with the knowledge gained from the workshops “we can have better flowing meetings and pass legislation.”
            Senator DaTwon Canty hopes to see more participation from senators now that they are all familiar with operating procedures. 
            “People won’t be so afraid to jump in and take part in the meetings,” Canty said.
            Robert Cooper, director of Student Life sees a lot of opportunity in SGA’s increased numbers. 
            “We have more students to focus on more areas and sufficiently look at different issues,” Cooper said.
            “It takes awhile for any organization to move forward, but with more people entering the organization the easier it’s going to be,” said Dr. Corti. 
            Corti emphasizes the importance of any SGA to be advocates for the students. 
            Now that the senators have been through their training, “they can be facilitators and help students in their journey at UNCP,” he said.



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