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Students get a taste of Las Vegas with a night of Blacklight Casino in the UC Lounge

By Kayloni Wyatt
Asst. Around the Campus Editor

What happens in Pembroke stays in Pembroke; at least that was the word throughout campus on Oct. 3 when A.C.E. hosted a Black light Casino Night in the UC lounge.
As students entered the lounge they were greeted and handed a cup of poker chips.
Black lights were set up around the room in an effort to make a club-like atmosphere.
On one side there were slot machines.
On individual tables an A.C.E. member was a dealer. Students could play black jack or poker.
“I’m enjoying it more than I expected. I wish there were more slot machines, but it’s still fun,” said Junior Randall Williams
As students enjoyed playing cards or slots, waitresses served water and fruit punch. The dealers and waitresses wore black and white.
As the event progressed, the Hip Hop Dance Team performed for the audience. First they danced to Christina Aguilera’s “Candy man,” which the audience loved.
Every dancer had on a Vegas themed outfit.
After their first selection, they did a dance that had a Vegas show girl feel to it.
The last act of the night was Hypnotist Dr. Jim Wand.
Wand asked for 20 volunteers to take a seat on stage.
Eagerly, students raised their hands and headed towards the stage.
They were all told to focus on a light that stood in the middle of the stage.
Dr. Wand continued to control them with simple actions.
The audience laughed when the students thought they were at a beach getting bitten by crabs.

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