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Verdict is in: There is no room for hazing in UNCP Greek life

By Caroline Goins
Contributing Writer

On Sept. 26, more than 50 Greeks held a mock trial in the University Center for National Anti-Hazing Week about the controversial issues of hazing.
“The verdict was clear. Hazing has no place in Greek life at UNC-Pembroke,” said Danielle Dark, the spokesperson for the jury.
During this seminar, five Greeks from UNCP served as the jury to hear the debate. Then Sara Jahansouz, Greek Life director, split the room in half; one side for hazing and the other against hazing.
Each side picked five representatives to speak on behalf of their side. These speakers had 45 seconds to debate their point to the jury.
The pro-hazing side made these points: hazing shows commitment, hazing is tradition, hazing builds bonds, hazing shows respect and hazing earns the letters.
The non-hazing side made these points in response: hazing does not make good members, hazing does not represent our values, hazing creates resentment and members earn letters everyday by upholding chapter values.
Jahansouz made the closing remarks saying hazing does not represent the morals of the Greek community. In order for organizations to thrive, the members must be held to higher standards in the areas of academics, conduct, leadership and character.
Jahansouz had a list of ways for organization to “legally haze” members.
Jahansouz told the members to make requirements, such as a member must have a 3.5 GPA, must be involved in other campus organizations, must do five volunteer hours a week or similar requirements. “The goals would prove an individual’s commitment, as well as their ability to uphold our fraternal values,” Jahansouz said.

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