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Getting rid of the “D” in dormitory

By Robert Deckert
Managing Editor

The Office of Residence Life is currently undertaking a new effort to educate students by referring to the campus housing as “residence halls” rather than the antiquated term “dorms,” according to Cynthia Redfearn, associate director of Residence Life.

The crusade includes formally educating current students about the pitfalls of using the outdated term dorm when referring the residence halls.

“Using the term dorm undermines what we are doing in regards to growth and progressive development,” Redfearn said.
“Our goal is to present the university in the very best light,” she continued.

“It is 2007 and terms such as ‘dormitory’ seem so outdated,” said Amanda Faulk, resident administrator.

“We need to realize that at UNCP and at other campuses, residence halls provide so much more to students than just a place to stay,” Faulk continued.

According to an email by Redfearn, residence halls in contrast to dorms provide a commitment to building communities that focus on people, growth and learning.

They are places where students’ lives are enhanced through positive social interactions, educational opportunities through programming, clean and safe facilities and well trained personnel.

“Using certain words, like dorms, brings the perception that the university is not progressive, up to date or at the forefront of what is happening in the residence halls,” Redfearn said.

“People aren’t taking it seriously,” said Christian Felkl, Resident Director of Oak Hall.

“Ever since the “D” word emails went out, people have been calling them dorms on purpose,” Felkl said. “It needs to catch on in the right way.”

“I definitely think it is a positive transition especially for me and my co-workers,” Faulk said.

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