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Photo courtesy of OMMA
Robert Canida, right, is awarded Advisor of the Year at the
64th annual NC NAACP convention. He tied for the award
with UNCG’s multicultural affairs advisor.

Photo courtesy of OMMA
UNCP’s NAACP receives the Chapter of the Year Award at the 64th
annual NC NAACP convention.

UNCP brings home awards from NAACP convention

By Robert Deckert
Managing Editor

UNCP’s NAACP chapter won the College Chapter of the Year Award and Robert Canida II won the Advisor of the Year at the 64th Annual NC NAACP state convention held Oct. 12-14 in Wilmington, N.C.

The convention was overall a positive experience for the members of the NAACP.

The conference
“Every one of us had a learning experience to remember forever,” said J.T. Batchelor, President of the UNCP chapter of the NAACP.

“The convention allowed us as members to gain experiences from others and incorporate them into our own life as learning tools,” said Brandon McClain, member of the NAACP.

“Although we assembled as strangers, we left as friends and comrades of the war against discrimination,” he said.

There were a number of sessions for the chapters to discuss, including a pros and cons discussion about attending HCBUs (historically Black universities), PWIs (predominately White institutions) and HAI colleges (historically American Indian).

Robert Canida II, director of the Office Multicultural and Minority Affairs, said that there were sessions that focused on social applications of race.

“There was a session about the digital divide within society and how students of color can fill that gap,” Canida said.

It’s also about taking action against injustice instead of sitting around and doing nothing about it, he said.

“I really enjoyed the positive energy during every session and the dynamic speakers and coordinators such as Gina Dean, Stefanie Brown and Dr. Rev. William Barber,” said Virgil Oxendine, member of the NAACP.

“I was truly blessed to be able to attend the conference,” Oxendine continued.

Advisor award
Robert Canida II tied with UNCG’s Multicultural Affairs advisor for the Advisor of the Year Award.

“I’m making a change for our society for advancement of all people,” Canida said. “This award means they recognize what I’m doing.”

Batchelor said that Canida is a man of achievement and great endeavors.

“Canida has not only won the Advisor of the Year Award from NAACP, but he has won the heart of all the students he assists,”

Batchelor continued. “I hope that one day I can be at least half of the man that he is.”

“He [Canida] has proven to be an asset to the university and the community,” Oxendine said. “We should all be proud to say he is a part of the UNC-Pembroke community.

Chapter award
Winning the Chapter of the Year award was totally unexpected, according to Canida.

“We were all elated. People have been taking notice of what we’re doing,” he said.

Batchelor said that award not only represents the accomplishments of this chapter, but also signifies the unity shared together as a unit.

“The members that are a part of this chapter are reminiscent of family, and therefore can easily radiate a sincere vision of growth,” he said.

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