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Photo by Nate Howard
Dr. David Ziegler, Dr. Christopher Ziemnowickz,
Dr. Rick Crandall, Dr. John Parnell and Dr. Enrique Porrua
presented books they wrote and contributed to to guests at
the Mary Livermore Library. The books are available in the
library and campus book store.

Five professors present written works

By Heidi O’Connor
Staff Writer

Light filtered in the large windows of the Great Hall of the Mary Livermore Library as five UNCP professors presented their newly published books to an audience of nearly 50.

Dr. David Zeigler, associate professor of biology, introduced his book, “Understanding Biodiversity.”

Originally from Texas, Dr. Zeigler held positions in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania before coming to Pembroke.

Zeigler said he was “fortunate to have the background at the university, teaching all the biology classes I’ve ever wanted, to write this book.”

Another professor that presented was Dr. Christopher Ziemnowicz who introduced his book, “Rediscovering Schumpter: Creative Destruction Evolving into Mode3,” co-authored with his colleague, Elias G. Cavayannis from George Washington University.

Although the subjects of business and economics are not overtly related to biology, Dr. Ziemnowicz, professor and chair of management, marketing, and international business, explained how the ideas of creative destruction could be applied to biodiversity.

The book focused on how people must adapt to changes in the world around them.

Dr. Rick Crandall, professor and director of AACSB, and Dr. John Parnell, professor and Belk chair of management, both contributed chapters to the book and were present to help introduce it.

Dr. Crandall’s previous work in hotel and restaurant administration gave him a unique perspective on the changing business world.

He delved into such interesting questions as “how can a successful chain with over 1,000 restaurants be reduced to nothing?”

Dr. Parnell also discussed the book’s impact on graduating students.

“In capitalism, we have constant change. You will face the challenge of adapting to a changing work atmosphere,” Dr. Parnell said.

Assistant Professor of Spanish, Dr. Enrique Porrua, presented his book, “El Discourso Post Modernista en la trilogia Callega de Camilo Jose Cela.”

A study of Camilo Jose Cela, a 20th century Spanish author, Dr. Porrua’s book focused on three of Cela’s works.

“I had to read each of his books at least three times,” Dr. Porrua confessed.

Although Dr. Porrua said he didn’t like Cela’s novels upon first reading them, he enjoyed the challenge of working on this little known author.

Dr. Porrua credited his professors with helping him to choose and also pushing him to continue his work on Cela.

What was originally his Master’s dissertation turned into a published work.

The books can be purchased at the book store.

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