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Photo by Tashieka Hammond
Tommy the Hawk walks the sidelines at a recent football
game. Alan Parsons, a UNCP freshman, takes his role
as the school mascot very seriously.

Who is Tommy Hawk?

By Aseaba Ashford
Staff writer

If you’ve been to a single football game this year, then you have undoubtedly seen our proud mascot, Tommy the Hawk.

But who is the young man inside the costume cheering on the team and leading the crowd with his school spirit?

Alan Parsons, or “Tommy” as some friends call him for obvious reasons.

In high school, Parsons played the role of “Bucky, the Buckin’ Elk” for two years and said that it was the most fun he ever had.
“I like being mascot because I feel that it is a way I can be myself,” Parsons said.

After having four knee surgeries and learning that he can no longer play sports, Parsons decided that he would get into the role of the mascot and make it his own sport.

Parsons believes that the level of school spirit here at Pembroke is off to a great start.

“I just hope that students continue to cheer louder and are proud to be Braves. Don’t be afraid to show your school spirit,” he said.

Upon graduating, Parsons plans to go back to Elkin High School to teach history.

In the meantime, his plans include making good grades and being the best mascot possible for UNCP.

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