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Student wins $150 in UNCP Fear Factor

By Aseaba Ashford
Staff Writer

UNCP students learned about the dangers of smoking while competing for a $150 prize in Fear Factor Up in Smoke sponsored by APPLE Corps Nov. 5.

Photo by Aseaba Ashford
Darryl Woods clutches his stomach during the eating challenge portion of the contest.

When students entered the University Annex at 10 p.m., they were issued a ticket with a number on it.

Before each challenge, numbers were called out, and those were the participants for that particular challenge.

Every challenge involved eating something that represented the negative effects of smoking such as a “black lung” or “chewing tobacco.” Some participants bailed out at the sight or smell of the dishes, and others were eager to take on the challenge.

The winner from each challenge moved on to the final round where they were asked several questions pertaining to the risks of smoking. The first challenger to answer 10 questions correctly, won the entire challenge and a $150 gift card to Walmart.

For each question they answered incorrectly, however, they had to drink a shot of “liver juice.”

Sophomore Tearrai “T” Williams won the entire challenge.

Freshman Shelly Dalziel participated in a specific challenge where she had to eat three bowls full of pickled pigs feet with olives, ranch dressing and a series of other condiments in order to win a prize.

Photo by Aseaba Ashford
An estimated 200 students attended UNCP’s Fear Factor session, which was sponsored by APPLE Corps, Inc.

Dalziel participated twice and said the second time was worse because she was competing with other people, and because she had eaten pig feet before and had therefore prepared herself for it the first time.

“I came to the event because I'm not afraid of anything, and I wanted to win,” Dalziel said.

An association under the Counseling and Testing Center, the APPLE Corps often hosts workshops and awareness weeks to encourage students to become more health conscious. APPLE Corps stands for Association of Pembroke Peer Leaders and Educators

“Our mission is to promote wellness and health,” member Joseph Waring said.

He also said the event was a success because not only did a lot of students attend, but they were eager to participate in each challenge. An estimated 200 students attended.

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