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Asia Day brings culture to Pembroke

By Tashieka Hammond
Assistant Photo Editor

Photo by Tashieka Hammond
From left, International students Yijun Sun “Carol,” Wen Deng “Wendy,” Yue Zhao “Jolie,” Daxin Zhou “Darcy,” Yuan Wei “Iris” and Li Zhang “Linda”perform Chinese folksongs during The Third Annual Asia Day. The event was held in the UC Annex on Nov. 16.

The third Annual Asia Day, which featured dancing, food, fun and fashion, was held on Nov. 16 in the UC Annex.

Guest speaker Dr. John Labadie, professor of Art, began by acknowledging two countries that were not being represented for Asia Day: Taiwan and India.

Dr. Labadie presented the presentation on a lap top computer which drove his point home.

“This computer was designed in California, perfected in Taiwan and made in China,” Dr. Labadie said.
“The people in Taiwan are very open and friendly,” Dr. Labadie said.

“The opportunity to learn is present everywhere no matter what you do. UNCP makes these opportunities available,” Dr. Labadie continued.

Dr. Labadie also presented a little history and

Photo by Tashieka Hammond
From left, members Daxin Zhou “Darcy,” Wen Deng “Wendy” and Yuan Wei “Iris” from the Asian Student Organization perform traditional Chinese dance during the Third Annual Asia Day.

geography on India. Many people think that people in India speak different languages, but English is taught from grade school on. Cows are sacred in India so there is no beef sold at McDonald’s in India.
“Many of the people don’t wear shoes on their feet so the bottoms of their feet look like the soles of your shoes,” said Dr. Labadie.

As with the people in Taiwan, the people in India were very friendly.

“The only time they were upset is when we had to leave and didn’t eat with them,” Dr. Labadie said.

Perhaps the most remarkable things Dr. Labadie noticed of India were the color and textures that surrounded them and the respect the elderly receive.

Ron Sanders, from the BSU, also

Photo by Tashieka Hammond
From left, Daxin Zhou “Darcy,” Wen Deng “Wendy” and Yuan Wei “Iris” perform Tai Chi, Martial Arts and Chinese folksongs.

performed songs on his harmonica, juggled and performed a magic show.

“Each of you is juggling in different ways, whether it’s academics, social or financial. We all juggle different things, but you have to stop before you drop,” Sanders said.

The International students performed Tai Chi, Martial Arts and Chinese folksongs, as well as modern and traditional dance.

Door prizes were given to random audience members for taking part in a survey to help with the next Asia Day.

Asia Day concluded with a fashion show representing all Asian people and their style of clothing.

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