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Two former students land record deal

By Marquita Brazier
Photo Editor

Former UNCP students Lance and Lexx of the rap group Yung Bosses have come too far to be turned around now.

With lyrics that define their struggle, the Yung Bosses are making their mark in the music world.

“You couldn’t picture the struggle I been through with a Kodak,” Lance said.

The rap trio has signed with Still on the Grind, an independent music label and has a new album on the way.

Landing the deal
Lance and Lexx were introduced to the record label’s owner and engineer by a friend’s father.

“For now it’s a good move, but we want a major deal. You’ll get more exposure, and you get to broadcast to the world quicker,” Lance said.

Being an independent artist does have some advantages, according to Lance.

“The artist controls everything. You have to make your own decisions and do what you want. Make the music and get it to the fans,” Lance said.

Yung Bosses have had the opportunity to meet with artists, including Juvenile, T-Pain, the Lox and Yola the Great.

Through It All, the group’s fourth album, currently has a release date of Nov. 29.

“It’s like no matter what happens or what happened in the past, present or future – Through It All. It stands for everything. All is a powerful word,” Lance said.

“We’ve been making this album for a couple of months. A few members left the group and through it all, we’re still making music. We’re still on it,” Lexx said.

Yung Bosses will kick off the CD release with a performance at El Tanapa nightclub in Lumberton.

Rapper Pastor Troy is the headliner of the show.

History of the Bosses
Lance and Lexx met during their freshman year at UNCP.

“We were both making music before we met each other. We got a group of people that were making music and came together,” Lance said.

During their time at UNCP, Yung Bosses appeared in numerous talent shows and open mic nights. Many of their fans remember the group as SME, a.k.a. Show Me the Money Entertainment.

“Our first performance was spring 2004 in Moore Hall,” Lexx said.

The group also opened for rapper Jadakiss at Club Palace in Fayetteville in Nov. 2005.

Community ties
Lance and Lexx still have strong ties to the UNCP and Pembroke community.

The group works with former UNCP students to produce beats, design album covers and to promote the group.

“A lot of people heard our CD. Pembroke has been a supportive town in terms of our music. We appreciate our fans, but we are looking for sponsors because it costs money. We funded all of our own stuff and sold it,” Lance said.

Bringing it back
Yung Bosses took it back to their UNCP roots while shooting their first music video for the Through It All album.

“That’s where we met, where we started, where we began at,” Lance said.

Shooting for the video began Nov. 13 on the UNCP campus.

In 2004, Yung Bosses released two albums, Freshman Seminar and Show Me the Money.

Freshman Seminar debuted in spring 2004 while Show Me the Money debuted in the fall of that year.

Homecoming Edition was the third CD which debuted fall 2005.

Before the stage
Lance, whose real name is Roberto Ortega Jr. was born in Dunn and raised in Sanford moving house to house with different relatives,

“My family is 100 percent supportive. They want to see us make it,” Lance said.

Lance started rapping at age 13 with a group called the Hard Hittas. Lance wasn’t a verbal person and spent countless hours writing his rhymes.

“I want it to be known that I am not doing this for the money. I am doing this because I really love making music,” Lance said.
Alex Mclaughlin, also known as Lexx, was born and raised in Red Springs.

Lexx was first introduced to his love for music in the church and has always had a love for music since then.
“Everyone can’t make music. It’s a gift,” Lexx said.

The group has an additional member, Torcha Boy Teshawn Brown of Red Springs.

Goals, plans
Through It All features the track “Playing My Position Remix.”

On this particular track the group went into the studio without a hook.

The track “We Gone Make It” also appears on the album.

Yung Bosses is looking to do features and encourages other local artists to contact them.

In addition to rap, the group also writes lyrics for other musical genres, including gospel, country and bluegrass.
“We guarantee hits,” Lexx said.

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