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Stanforth exhibit features correspondence art

By Marquita Brazier
Photo Editor

Earlier this month, the art department opened the Melvin Stanforth Retrospective exhibit. The Retrospective titled “Reunion- These folks ain’t company!” opened Aug. 13 and will be on display until Sept. 14. The grand opening, however, was Aug. 22.
Julie Floss, a professor in the art department, helped set up the painting in the art gallery.
“He [Stanforth] takes a more precious approach and doesn’t let accidents happen or his work decay. He has a way of breaking things down in order for viewers to understand them [his work], said Floss.
Melvin Stanforth was at the grand opening to discuss the exhibit with students and faculty. Students and faculty were given the opportunity to ask questions as well.
“It takes a long time for us to think of art as precious. I don’t want to call it a game, but a challenge to see what’s precious,” Stanforth said about his work.
“Reunion” is a retrospective that covers about 45 years of work from Stanforth.
Some of the featured pieces include a Correspondence piece and an interactive piece.
“Correspondence art is a tradition in the art world that goes back about 20 years. The general philosophy behind it is that you make a piece and give it away to someone else,” Stanforth said.
The Correspondence piece on display shows envelopes and post cards that have been in the mail.
All of the cards and envelopes that are part of the piece reflect the different sender and location.
The exhibit was organized by the Rocky Mount Art Museum. Art department faculty and friends also contributed to make the event happen.
Jerry Jackson of the Penland School of Crafts also contributed to bringing the exhibit to UNCP.
Even though this Stanforth show was smaller than most, it still brought a new form of art to UNCP.
“[The show was a] smaller show. We had a lot of different events and elements at the Rocky Mount show. The museum built a house,” said Jackson.
Sadly, there was no house on display at the UNCP exhibit.
“[There were] so many donors for this project,” said Dr. Richard Gay, director of the Art Gallery.
A list of donors is located in the foyer of the Art Gallery.
The Art Gallery is located in Locklear Hall. Gallery hours are Monday - Thursday from 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. and from 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. on Friday.

Staff writer Megan Quinlan also contributed to this story.

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