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Light rain doesn't dampen Family Day

By Ashley Cole
Asst. News Editor

April 26, 2012

Photo by Mindy Hubbard
A pair of Family Day guests race each other at the Pony Derby. The Pony Derby was one of the most popular attractions at Family Day.

Rain didn't stop the UNCP community from coming out to the UC Lawn on April 21 to celebrate Family Day.

There were a variety of games and lots of free food that kept everyone entertained.

There was a never-ending line at the tent of Mike da Roving Guy, a balloon artist. People of all ages waited to have Mike make them giraffes, turtles, penguins, lions or any other animal they could think of.

Alongside Mike was Margaret's "Art on You" Face and Body Art.

"I got my face painted like Spiderman," junior Chris Powell said.

Other tents included Val's Dog Tags where people could personalize their own tags, and Sandy Candy where people could create their own mix by combining different flavors of sand-like candy.

The Hawk's Nest attracted visitors who wanted to take advantage of the free bowling, ping pong and billiards.

Also in the UC was free carnival-style food, such as funnel cakes, hot pretzels and popcorn.

There was also a tent outside giving away home-made vanilla, chocolate and butter pecan ice cream.

"I really enjoyed the homemade ice cream," senior Trey Binder said. "I had butter pecan, and I wasn't expecting it to be so good."

Another popular tent was that of caricaturist Adam Pate, who advertised that he could do a caricature in 60 seconds.

There were also several different carnival games that gave people a chance to win bead necklaces and other small prizes.

These games included Ring-a-Bottle, Tic-Tac-Toe, Fat Cat softball toss and Roller Bowler.

The most popular carnival game was the Hi-Striker, which allowed both boys and girls to test and show off their strength.

One of the most interactive attractions was the Herps Alive Live Reptile Show. Some of the reptiles on display were tortoises, ball pythons, a boa constrictor, king snake, coral snake, American alligator and a Savannah monitor, which is a species of lizard native to Africa.

The Savannah monitor on display was 30 inches long and weighed 12 pounds.

"I liked the reptiles," Binder said. "I held a boa and a turtle."

After the rain cleared, three inflatable attractions were set up.

One was Circus Train Obstacle where people could walk through the different sections of the train while getting through obstacles. Another one was a tiger-shaped slide called Sabertooth.

The most popular one was Pony Derby, which was set up to look like a race track. It had four lanes and contestants sat on an inflatable pony and raced each other.

Even though it rained for part of the day, students and families stayed out and enjoyed the festivities.

Mary Shipman has been coming to Family Day for coming to Family Day for a daughter named Sherayn who's a senior at UNCP.

"I enjoy coming to Family Day because it's a great chance to mingle with the public, support the activities and spend time with family," Shipman said.

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