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Fall concert fills Moore Hall to capacity

By Melody Kirkpatrick
Staff Writer
Oct. 15, 2009

An enthusiastic audience packed Moore Hall Auditorium Oct. 1 for the Annual Fall Concert.

Even the balcony was packed to maximum capacity. There were a few performers standing along the walls of the balcony section waiting for their turn to take the stage.

The Pembroke Singers performed under the direction of Dr. Gary K. Wright. The Concert Choir performed under the direction of Dr. Jaeyoon Kim.

The Pembroke Singers opened with a selection titled “Jabula Jesu” and it was filled with rhythm. The choral notes were strong but soft with a beat that would make anyone swing their hips.

Their next selection, “Sure on This Shining Night,” was much slower and longer. It was composed by Morton Lauridsen, who is an American composer whose musical compositions are well received globally.

“Prairie Love Song” has an Asian-inspired sound and was beautifully interpreted through the direction of Dr. Wright.

The choral music was very smooth with Jaclyn Waite (soprano) and Stephen Love (tenor) singing. It put the audience’s minds on a trip to the East.

The selection titled “Witness” was simply a gospel song with the first line “Who will be a witness for my Lord?” The last selection from The Pembroke Singers was an American Folk Song Medley, and it was very patriotic and cheerful.

They received a round of applause after their brilliant performance.

The Concert Choir under the direction of Dr. Kim took the stage and filled every vacant spot. They covered a variety of composers such as Mozart, Pitoni and Caccini.

“Ave Maria” was sung skillfully, and it required a great deal of patience to sing. Because of the different cues, each section had to be careful when they began singing. Also, the different dynamic notes of “Ave Maria” made it pleasurable.

“Laudate Dominum” and “The Fiddler Man” had a fast tempo.

ranslated in English Laudate Dominum means “Praise Ye the Lord with Song.” Both selections were well received by the audience.

“Gloria” was composed by Mozart, who is considered by many a musical genius. This piece was upbeat and it brought happiness to the concert.

“I waited for the Lord” by Mendelssohn was strategically composed because it had a few transitions, but the Concert Choir really sang this piece well.

Another piece very well interpreted was “The Angels.” It was very peaceful, angelic and gently flowing. The song detailed what it is like to be an angel.

The last song of the night appropriately titled “He Never Failed Me Yet” is a gospel song composed by Robert Ray.

Ray has a reputation of being very comfortable with gospel music. The soloists, Leigh Montague and Arthur Gillian, were so powerful with their performance that the audience could not wait to applaud them at the end.

The audience was all smiles with looks of enjoyment.

It was a very musical night with some of the faculty combining their talents with both choirs.

These performers included: Dr. Soo Goh (clarinet), Dr. Emily Orr (flute), Dr. Timothy Altman (trumpet), Dr. Joann Hersey (euphonium), Tracy Wiggins (percussion) and Seung-ah Kim (piano).


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