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Largest incoming freshman class stretches on campus housing beyond capacity

By Hayley Burgess
News Editor

This year, UNCP welcomed its largest freshman class ever with more than 1,220 student. This has been a great thing for the University, but it has also caused some problems with finding a place to live for on campus students.

Largest Freshman Class
Photo by Glory Attaochu

Students attend Convocation in GPAC. The largest incoming freshman class ever, with more than 1,220 students, filled on-campus housing to capacity.

The first indication that there might be a problem with housing came early in the summer when the Office of Housing and Residence Life realized they had 1,768 applications and only 1,701 permanent beds for on campus housing. Some students were placed on a waiting list until space opened up while some withdrew their names and went to the apartments.

As of Aug. 24, there were 1,725 assignments for on-campus housing. There are 818 freshmen living in the dorms, an increase from last year of 748. Also last year, there were 1,651 students living in the dorms, so this year is up by 74 students.

“We’re really excited about having a record breaking freshman class as well as a record breaking number of transfer students,” Director of Admissions Lela Clark said.

Some changes had to be made in order to accommodate the students who wanted to live on campus. The first change was converting 10 rooms in Wellons Hall into triple rooms. This is not the first time Wellons has assigned three to a room. They have done this during the last few years.

There are four students living in the West Hall lounge. The lounge has four beds with dressers and wardrobes.

Also, the Resident Administrators were assigned a roommate. One of the perks of their job was having a single room.

There are also some students who have not checked into the University. If they do not show up, their room assignments will be given to others. That also holds true for students who decide to leave the University.

“We accommodated the best we could,” said Director of Housing and Residence Life Preston Swiney. “We’ll do what we can to find a safe place for students to live.”

Plans are in the works for a new 396 bed residence hall to open fall 2011. Until then, Swiney said they will not turn any students away and believe they can fill both the residence halls and apartments next year.

This is great news for admissions who worked hard with other departments on campus to make this a record breaking year. Clark contributed the record breaking number of freshman, as well as transfer students, to a team effort by everyone on the campus

“This has been a team effort to bring in all of these students and I really like the support from around the campus,” Clark said.


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