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Cafeteria manager calls new renovations ‘a steal’

By Kayloni Wyatt
Managing Editor
Hayley Burgess
News Editor

New Renovations

Photo courtesy of UNCP Dining Services
The remodeling started in July and was completed in less than a month.

New and returning students were greeted back to the school year with a newly remodeled cafeteria. The cafeteria located in the University Center was remodeled during the summer at a cost of $149,000, a steal according to Manager John Campbell.

While the University is still receiving invoices, Campbell said he doesn’t believe the cost will rise much higher. The idea for the remodeling started eight months ago with the final decision being made on May 15 to begin the work. The construction began in July and was completed by Aug. 4.

The one new concept to the café is a pizza operation which makes approximately 120 16- inch pizzas per day.

“The pizza operation has become a heavy hitter,” Campbell said.

This is the first remodel the cafeteria has had in four years. “The cafeteria needed a face lift,” Campbell said. “It needed to be brought to the times.”

“I didn’t really know much before, but it seems really great. The cafeteria is very elegant,” freshman Bill Stanley said.

Other changes include 35 new employees, new cabinets, a new dish washer and new lights and sneeze guards. The cabinets cost $74,000. Campbell said that his favorite new feature is the tiles on the back wall next to the deli station.

Campbell and General Manager Mike Nance are the two responsible for the new design. They wanted to free up the space in the food court area to allow better traffic flow and causing less congestion.

“The traffic is much better for the stations and the waiting line is not as bad,” Campbell said.

So far, Campbell has heard encouraging feedback from students.

New Renovations

Photo by Glory Attaochu
The grill station continues to serve hamburgers, hotdogs and French fries, but has been remodeled to include two new food warmers.

“I’ve heard the whoa’s and oh’s from students,” Campbell said. Before the remodeling began two new student orientation groups went into the cafeteria. Now those students have been able to see the after effect and like many other students on campus seem to love the new look.

Junior Kasha Jaworski said the remodeled cafeteria is “Nice...they fancied it all up. I love it because it looks so chic and tasteful.”

In the future, Campbell said they will have to start thinking about additional seating in order to accommodate all the students that will be coming through. Plans are in the making for a new 5,000 square foot food service place in the new Nursing building. But that is not scheduled to be opened until Fall 2011.


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