A.D. Gallery exhibit first of its kind

By Kaleh Sampson
Layout Editor

Photo courtesy of Carla Rokes
"Havoc" by Mia Pearlman is on display in the A.D. Gallery in the latest exhibit, Pushing Paper: An Invitational Exhibition of Paper Art.

The A.D. Gallery is showcasing a new exhibit featuring paper as a medium. The exhibit, Pushing Paper: An Invitational Exhibition of Paper Art, will be displayed from Jan. 12 through Feb. 14.

The exhibit is a collection of five artists, including Jane Ingram Allen, Brian Dettmer, Karen Margolis, Mia Pearlman and Crystal Wagner. Each artists' work uses paper as a medium. This type of exhibit is the first of its kind at UNCP.

"It is important for students to have exposure to this type of medium because it hasn't been here before," Carla Rokes, gallery director, said. "It's a new direction in contemporary art."

The exhibit includes a variety of artistic techniques and styles using paper as a medium including cut paper installations and papiermâché. Books and maps were also used to create some of the pieces featured in the exhibit.

The artists are taking paper and altering it and displaying it in a three-dimensional form.

"Paper's versatility allows artists to explore a variety of possibilities," Rokes said.

"It's paper coming to life," she said. The A.D. Gallery is located in Locklear Hall. For more information on the A.D. Gallery and current and upcoming exhibits, visit the gallery's website at www. uncp.edu/a.d.gallery.