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SECU relocates for larger space and student convenience

By Erica Vaught
Around the Town Assistant Editor

The State Employee’s Credit Union of Pembroke is relocating to the lot beside the local Dollar General.
SECU has been at its current location in the Village Shopping Center since 1998. 
The expected date of opening is April 2007, but they are behind schedule.
“May will be worst-case scenario,” Fallon Brewington, vice president of the local branch, said. 

Making Changes

Work is progressing on the new State Employee’s Credit Union which is located beside the Dollar General store in Pembroke.

Photo by Kelly Freeman
Work is progressing on the new State Employee’s Credit Union which is located beside the Dollar General store in Pembroke. 

The decision to relocate was finalized by Jason King, district senior vice president; Heather Falls, former branch manager; Bobby Hall, vice president and Jim Blaine, president.
According to Brewington, “We are looking forward to the move.”
Brewington said that the main reason for the move is because the business has grown and needs bigger space. 
She explained that when a business rents a space and prospers, then that business in turn buys space for future growth. 
Another reason, according to Brewington, for the relocation is because the branch has many clients that are students at UNCP.                 
The move would be easier for those students who have no car and have to walk or ride bikes to get to their destinations. 
Also, clients can expect better quality services.                     

There will be less wait time. The building will be cleaner and will appeal to the eyes.

Job Opportunities 
Brewington said that more jobs may be available depending on the growth of the branch. 
Members have mixed feelings about the decision to relocate.
One student, however, said he thought the new location would be more inconvenient.
Several students said they were happy about the move because it would be easier access for them since they live on campus.                                  
Others said it did not matter to them. 
Brewington also added some reasons why SECU does so well in a town that has so much competition in the banking industry.
“It is a credit union,” Brewington said, “not a bank.” 
“SECU does not charge outrageous fees like banks do,” she said. “They also make their own lending decisions. Last, but not least, SECU members have ownership.”

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