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Berea Baptist holds classes

By Erica Vaught
Around the Town Asst. Editor

Berea Baptist Church of Pembroke holds a special class each Thursday at 6:30 p.m. for college students. Rev. Chris Hunt began classes one year ago. 
According to Hunt, the class is centered around the Bible.  The class reads and studies Scripture, praises and worships God and Christ, and sings songs led by Hector Miray, guitarist and missionary from Camp Grace in Fairmont.
The students also participate in recreational activities such as ping-pong, volleyball, basketball, swimming and horseback riding. They also attend Christian concerts. 
Hunt said that the class began because he had a “calling to provide ministry specifically for college students.” 
“It’s only reasonable,” Hunt said, “to have an outreach ministry for students.”
Hunt also said, “I hope that it will be a place to feel comfortable and respond to the message.”
Hunt also hopes students who attend this class will be able to reach others and help lead them to Christ. 
The class is planning a trip to Houme, La., during Spring Break. 
The students will be building houses for those whose homes were destroyed in hurricane Katrina. They leave March 3.
If interested in joining the class, call Rev. Chris Hunt at 521-4661 or 733-5410.

Transportation is provided.

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