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New stores open at plaza

By Greg Larose
Staff Writer

Within the last two months, the Wal-Mart Plaza has added four stores, including Dollar Tree, Shoe Show, Alltel and Andy’s.

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The first addition to the Wal-Mart Plaza was Dollar Tree, which opened on July 11. 

It is experiencing good business thus far, says Assistant Manager Crystal Haas.

Alltel, which opened Aug. 9, is frequently visited by customers, who are attracted by the coverage area Alltel phones receive in this area.             

According to sales representative Jessica Chavis, Pembroke is a “hot spot” and an excellent location to open the store, due to the college students and the population that are here.

Chavis says, “Working at Alltel is wonderful because it is a lucrative job.”  Currently, Alltel has an opening for one sales representative.          

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Andy’s, a restaurant with a friendly atmosphere that immediately makes you feel at home, joined the Wal-Mart Plaza on Aug. 16. 
According to Andy’s operator Mardie Bennett, Andy’s has been number one in leading the franchise in sales since opening.

One of the most unusual things about Andy’s is the hierarchy.            

The customer is accustomed to the manager being the one in charge, but at Andy’s the operator is the one calling the shots.

The operator is a potential owner of the store giving him or her more responsibilities and the potential to make more money.             
Although there are many stores opening up in Pembroke, there are still some businesses that the employees at the Wal-Mart Plaza said they would like to see in Pembroke, such as a mall, more restaurants, clothing stores and hotels.

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