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Golf course allows students to play for free

By Jeffrey Meunier
Guest Writer

Photos by Alexis Prine
Sophomore Steven Locklear, 19, perfects his putt at the Riverside Golf Course in Pembroke.
Opened in 1965, Riverside Golf Course, located about five miles from campus, has free golf for students attending UNCP.             To play for free students must walk the course.  If a student chooses to rent a golf cart, there is a small fee of $6 for nine holes.

The 18-hole golf course is on Terry Sanford Road, located directly behind Strike at the Wind.

Students who play the course on a regular basis say that the greens are in great condition.            

“They’re real friendly and for free, it’s pretty good,” says Chad Riggsbee, a sophomore at the University. 

Riggsbee has been playing for five years and takes a short drive to the course every chance he gets.            

“It does have a bearing on business when school starts,” said Robert Warren, the owner of Riverside Golf Course.  When school is out, he said, the course doesn’t see as many customers as it does when school is in.

Warren has operated the golf course for four years and said that he gets about a dozen students a day.             

For the general public, the cost is $16 for 18 holes of golf and $23 on the weekend.   

Once daylight savings time starts, the hours will be 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The owner also said that he is “going to stretch a few holes” to make it more challenging for the people who play the course on a regular basis.

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