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‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ wows crowd at GPAC

By Colleen Griffiths
Senior Staff Writer

“Jesus must die!” shouts Caiaphas as he and three black-clad priests surround the cowering Judas, imploring him to give in to their demands to deceive and betray his friend, Jesus Christ.            

Set to 1970s rock music, fog and strobe lights, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical “Jesus Christ Superstar” was watched by an audience of 1,144 at the opening of GPAC’s Broadway and More Series Oct. 2.  

GPAC Director Patricia Fields said that people were raving about “Superstar” after the show.            

“It was one of the best shows we’ve had,” Fields said.

According to Fields, former chancellor Joe Oxendine's wife said that the show was "just as good as when I saw it in New York.”            
The show is based on Jesus’ last week and mixes armored Romans and peasants with 1970s soul girls and rich businessmen.

King Herod appeared as a 1970s movie producer.            

He was wearing a white, long-collared shirt, a red and white bandana around his neck and a brown suit.

His insistence that Jesus prove that he was the son of God included asking him to “walk across his swimming pool.”             “That was an interesting experience,” April Lloyd said, a junior at UNCP.

Before the show, Cassie Manis and Latravia Fore won the “Buzz” and Win trivia contest and received free tickets to “Jesus Christ Superstar”.

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