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Lumbee results on election in

By Alexis Prine
Staff Writer

On Nov. 14 The Lumbee Tribal Board had its tribal election.

The winners are:
•District 1: Audrey Hunt
•District 3: Laura Sampson
•District 4: Helen Locklear
•District 5: Kernice Locklear
•District 7: Ray Little-Turtle
•District 9: James Taft Smith
•District 10: Bradley McMillian
•District 14: Welford Clark            

The districts are chosen is by a random selection, and in some cases some districts may be voted on two years in a row.

There were four amendments to the Lumbee Constitution that were to be voted on, but the Supreme Court decided not to go ahead.

Since the election was an annual election, and not a special election or an election for a special cause or issue, the Supreme Court decided to not have the bills voted on.            

The Supreme Court is going to set a new date for the bills to be voted on.

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