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Studio One presents ‘Into the Woods’
bringing together students and community

By Robert Deckert
Staff Writer

Studio One presented an all-county musical “Into the Woods” at the Givens Performance Arts Center that brought together Robeson County and UNCP students with professional performers.

The ‘Baker’s wife,’ left, and ‘Cinderella’ are a part of “Into the Woods,” a musical that intertwines fairy tales from the Brothers Grimm.

Photo by Hannah Simpson
The ‘Baker’s wife,’ left, and ‘Cinderella’ are a part of “Into the Woods,”  a musical that intertwines fairy tales from  the Brothers Grimm.

The musical was performed by the nationally acclaimed troupe, Destined Drama Team, and was directed by Jeanne Adam-Koonce.

There was a live orchestra composed of several high school band directors and conducted by violinist Travis Newton of the Syracuse Symphony of New York.            

The production focused on incorporating 7 to 12th grade students from the Public Schools of Robeson County.

Additional roles were filled by various staff members, community volunteers and college students.            

Among those college students were UNCP’s Carlos Peralta, Laura Kay Oxendine and Ron Matthew Jones. 

The musical was sponsored by the Wal-Mart of Lumberton, Robeson County Commissioners and the PSRC AG Program.             The play received positive feedback from the audience members.

Audience member Maureen Adams said, “Some of the characters have really outdone themselves.”            

Senior Kirk Blue was also a former studio member.

“Overall it was a good show. For people so little, they did a great job,” Blue said.            

“You could understand them; they were so clear, especially the Baker’s wife and the Witch,” Adams said.

“Into the Woods” works as an original story which encompasses several of the fairy tales from the collection of the Brothers Grimm.          

Some of these fairy tales include, “Little Red Riding Hood,” “Cinderella” and “Rapunzel.”            

The musical illustrated wholesome Christian values, such as forgiveness, when Jack wanted to kill the royal family’s steward for slaying his mother, and perseverance when the Baker found out his wife was dead and had to raise their son on his own.

“Into the Woods” ran Nov. 24-26 at the GPAC .

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