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Library sponsors writing contest

By Sonia Jackson
Assistant Web Editor

The seventh upcoming Poetry and Short Prose Contest, sponsored by the Friends of the Library of the University of North Carolina Pembroke with additional help from the Kiwanis of Robeson County, is once again giving UNCP students the opportunity to express their creative skills and win prizes for the spring 2006 semester.         

According to the poetry contest guidelines on UNCP library's website, entries must meet the following requirements:

•  The entries must be 500 words or less and must be typed. All words, excluding the title, will count toward the total. Any entry exceeding the limit will be eliminated. Any incomplete application form will result in the elimination of the accompanying entry.

•  The entries must be original and unpublished.

• One entry per person will be accepted and an entry form must accompany the entry.

•  All entries will be blind-judged, so only the title will appear on the submission. The judges' decisions will be final. Any copies of the poetry/prose with the author's name on the piece will be eliminated. The author's name should appear on the entry form only.

First, second and third place winners will receive the following prizes:

• 1st place: $250
•  2nd place: $150
•  3rd place: $100

All entries must be sent to Jean Sexton, the coordinator of the poetry contest. 

"I enjoy all of it," Sexton said with a smile. 

People feel passionate about what they write and it's amazing to see how much passion is in them, Sexton also said.

Sexton gathers, reads and numbers all the entries and sends them to the judges. After the winners are selected she contacts them and notifies them of their prize. 

Sexton also repeatedly said that students should not sign their name, or give any information alluding to their identity and also not to send in hand-written poetry, otherwise it will be automatically disqualified. 

The poetry contest has three categories for contestants: UNCP students, area high school students and the general public. 

Feb. 28 is the deadline for poem entries and applications. For more information on the poetry contest visit the library's website at:

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