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Multicultural Center exhibits another form of
diversity with Italian Catholic priest art

By Aaron Woods
Staff Writer

The Office of Multicultural and Minority Affairs in collaboration with East Carolina University and UNCP Art Department is presenting an art exhibit titled "Italian Catholic Priests."

This exhibit is currently being held in the Multicultural Center until Feb. 28.

Dr. Richard Tilich, chairman of the Art Department at ECU, traveled to Italy recently and photographed pictures of Italian priests.

They are being shown on the UNCP campus because there is a growing respect for cultural diversity.

Although not a requirement on this campus, other campuses have a cultural diversity requirement as part of their general education perspective.
"There is much culture diversity on this campus," Director of the Office of Multicultural and Minority Affairs, Robert L. Canida, II, said.

"We have certain aspects of beliefs, culture, and everybody is different. There are speakers that talk about social issues, class issues, race issues, gender issues and disability," he said.

The Multicultural Center has been on UNCP's campus for five years now.             

"I think it is wonderful because it brings about awareness of culture, and it is for everyone and not just certain cultures." Canida also said, "There is diversity in the faculty from Native American, African American, European American and Asian/Hispanic."

"The Catholicism on campus brings about representation of culture of the Catholic faith," Canida said.

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