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Pembroke Rescue Squad seeks old cell phones for donation

By Aaron Woods
Staff Writer

The Pembroke Rescue Squad is asking everyone to donate their old cell phones, ink cartridges and old laptops to raise money for the squad.

The Squad's Fundraising Program sponsored by Inform holds this event to reuse the ink cartridges, cell phones, and lap top parts or to refurbish them for future use.

The Pembroke Rescue Base is the site for a recycling program.

Photo by Kelly Freeman
The Pembroke Rescue Base is the site for a recycling program.

Capt. Matt Locklear of the Pembroke Rescue Squad said that he and his volunteers could use the money they receive from the donations for new equipment and new uniforms.

"This recycling program not only benefits Pembroke Rescue Squad but assists in preserving the environment and bringing communications to people who could not otherwise afford it," Locklear said.

A recent study shows that people in the United States will throw away 130 million cell phones each year.

"That is about 65,000 tons of cell phones," said Joanna Underwood, spokesperson for Inform, a recycling program.

Cell phones contain toxic materials such as arsenic, lead and zinc.

The donated cell phones will be given new life instead of being thrown in the landfill. Some parts that are reusable will be kept while others will be recycled.

Bins will be set up in the University Center where anyone who is interested in supporting this cause can donate these items.       

Donations can also be dropped off at 1369 Prospect Road.

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