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Town council votes to approve rezoning

By Aaron Woods
Staff Writer

The Pembroke Town Council met Feb. 6 to vote for rezoning of property near Burger King and Berea Baptist Church. The council voted 3-2 in favor of the rezoning. When built, the property will consist of 12 units, five buildings containing 240 beds.

The rezoning covers the area behind Burger King over to the area behind Berea Baptist Church. Also there will be a sidewalk cemented on Railroad Street.

Pembroke Town Hall houses local government offices and the police department.

Photo by Kelly Freeman
Pembroke Town Hall houses local government offices and the police department.

The estimated cost of the construction is $3.5 million. This rezoning is primarily to build student housing, but is also available to faculty and staff of UNCP.

"We would like to see the University grow," Ken Maynor said. Maynor is one of the trustees for Berea Church.

Although there was favor for the rezoning, there was still some opposition.

"How can we rely on what has been said that will get done? I don't think it is a good idea to build on," Larry McNeil said.

McNeil is a member of the Town Council along with Allen Dial, Larry Brooks, McDuffy Cummings, Greg Cummings, Mayor Milton Hunt and Grady Hunt is the Attorney for the council.

Harry Oxendine said, "We have apartments already in this zone; there is no need for rezoning." Oxendine is a resident of Pembroke who attended the hearing.

The town controls zoning on this project. Councilman Greg Cummings said, "Everything is perfect for this project."

"There should be no problem from my clients for rezoning," Ron Sutton said. Sutton is the attorney on behalf of Longwood Enterprises.

The company agreed to put a fence between the rezoning area and Berea Church or wherever the church agreed.

Dr. Diane O. Jones, vice chancellor for student affairs over student housing, suggests that building more apartments prompts more students to come to UNCP.

"It gives students more options to live off campus after being required to live on campus their freshman year," she said. Having more options attracts students to come to UNCP.

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