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First spring powwow at UNCP to promote unity

By Aaron Woods
Staff Writer

Numerous organizations on the UNCP campus have joined together and are hosting a spring unity contest powwow on April 22.

The event is scheduled to take place on the grass between Old Main and the Sampson Livermore library from 1-4 p.m. The grand entry will be at 12 noon.

The master of ceremonies for the event will be Ray Littleturtle. There will be head dancers, Jennifer Brown and Bobby Hurt,  along with two host drums.

Southern Sun will host the southern drum and Stoney Creek will host the northern drum. Vendors will be on hand selling Native American crafts.

Hot dogs, fried dough and sodas will be sold. Retail will support Native American organizations on campus. 

The organizations also are collecting donations from community members and businesses. 

Food and water for the powwow have been donated. Preparation for such an event, requires a head staff of three people.

They are Rebecca Leviner, Kay Oxendine, and Valerie Deese. Sunshine Costanzo will be the director of operations.

"The Spring Powwow is something that needed to be done," said Rebecca Leviner.

All students, faculty members and community members are invited to join in this powwow.

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