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Plan courses ahead as freshmen

By Magaret Damghani
Senior Staff Writer

This semester, which will be my last, I realized that I had a serious dilemma.

My internship, extra-curricular work, classes and responsibilities as a mother were threatening to make me have an anxiety attack before the first piece of homework was even assigned.

It wasn’t the internship – I was more than excited about that.

I was taking two online classes which I knew would be a decent bit of work.

These two classes would complete my minor.

I enjoyed my minor, but it wasn’t actually planned. I sat back one day after looking at my transcript and realized I had a minor staring me in the face—minus just a few classes.

I planned to take those last two classes in my last semester here.

But, I decided to say good-bye to that minor and hello to my sanity for one last semester.

I cut my schedule to six credits – “halftime”—for the first time in my college life and I’m happy about it. But that’s not really my point.

My point is that, looking back, I wish I had planned better.

If I had really thought about my minor and taken advantage of planning it from my freshman year, I would have completed a major and minor with no extra work on my part and probably no major dilemmas in my senior year.

I’d already given up on the minor I had planned, after realizing in my junior year that there was no way I could complete it and keep up the other things in my life.

I would have had to catch up on way too many requirements after transferring from FTCC.

My advice, if any freshmen or sophomore cared to ask it, would be that you plan your courses with your senior year in mind.

You can work hard all the way through college and still end up not completing everything you wish you had.

There’s nothing wrong with experimenting in different departments and finding out what interests you in life.

I fully advocate that too. Just realize that it’s taken me six years to graduate because I jumped around so much.

But even after I knew what my major would be, and what I would like for a minor, I simply dabbled in this and that.

I took whatever courses struck my fancy, and in a great many cases, happened to be online since I commute from Fayetteville.

It would have only taken enough foresight for me to take two more classes in the same track and I would be able to end my first degree with more satisfaction.

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