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Bobby Goldsboro rocks audience in GPAC

By Kayla Pearson
Assistant News Editor

Melodies flowed through the Givens Performing Arts Center Jan. 26 as an audience gathered from across the East Coast and journeyed to the ‘60s through the music of Bobby Goldsboro.

Approximately 500 people filed in to hear him perform at 8 p.m.

The show featured a colorful display of changing lights, Goldsboro singing as well as on guitar, Don Johnson on bass, Rob Winter on drums and Michael Stanton on keyboard.

Goldsboro’s opening number was followed by his gold record “Watching Scottie Grow,” his most recorded song, “With Pen in Hand,” and his first hit record “See the Funny Little Clown” recorded in 1964.

He told the audience the song “Watching Scottie Grow” is not about his son but his friend’s son, contrary to people’s belief.
“Now Scottie thinks he’s my son,” he joked.

Other songs performed included crowd favorites “If You’ve Got a Heart” and “Little Green Apples.”

He also performed the theme song he wrote and sang for the television series “Evening Shades,” which was voted top theme song of the year; “Summer,” which was voted all time greatest summer song in the history of England; and the popular, but never recorded by him, song “Wind Beneath My Wings.”

“I could have been the first,” he laughingly commented.

Sense of humor
All night Goldsboro kept up his humor. He broke in between sets to entertain the audience by doing things like his famous frog impression.

He also told anecdotes that kept the crowd laughing, such as questionable things he has done like stabbing himself with a compass to impress a girl and playing football with a broken ankle.

“That’s the kind of dumb things I’ve done,” he said.

A first in the history of all of Goldsboro’s shows was the addition of a three minute presentation of artwork he has completed over the last two years. He mostly does paintings of animals and nature.

Children’s series
Goldsboro has a children’s series entitled “Swamp Critters of Lost Lagoon” in progress, and he showed a two minute clip about it.

The show features puppets that educate life’s lessons through song.

Goldsboro writes all the songs and does all the voices of the puppets.

He has 52 half hour episodes that he has completed in the last eight years.

After the clip, he switched to harmonica and performed “Stay Forever Young in Your Heart,” a blues song by character T-Bone Willy from the series.

The audience clapped and rocked as he performed.

At the conclusion of the show, Goldsboro said it was the after show that he liked the most.

“Being on stage is the easy part. I’ve done it so much that is so easy to do especially when you have a great sound system and theater like tonight. It’s meeting everybody that I love,” Goldsboro said.

He ended the show with one of his greatest hits “Honey.”

“My favorite song was ‘Honey.’ Anybody that didn’t come tonight missed a good show,” said audience member Edna Lemmond.

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